Saturday, October 03, 2009

Meet Brazil Meat

My friend Ben has been bugging me for well over a year to try out his favorite steak restaurant out in Gangnam, a Brazilian place called Mercado. Finally we went last night, and it was really great. Some unbelievably delicious meat. Served at your table on swords! All sorts of meats, mostly beef, were served. My favorite was beef wrapped in bacon, and garlic beef. Chicken and veal was also served. The most unusual was chicken hearts!

Since this was my first visit, the waiter insisted I try out the sword and knife myself!

I saw a few actual Brazilians guests (or so I assumed, based on the fact that they were speaking what sounded like Portugese to the owner). But most of the guests were Koreans. I guess this place is popular with the locals, too. It was all you can eat for about $22. Here is a group photo of the well-fed guests:

The only suggestion I could make, and this is really nit-picky, would be to play some Brazilian background music. I think some Bossa Nova and Samba style music would really complete the dining experience.