Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Young Stumbler #2 has come up with his own, new look. Wool pea coat and fedora hat. Very handsome. Look for The Stumbler to copy his style sometime soon...


Young Stumbler #3 had a birthday yesterday, which I both missed and completely forgot. Here you can see her about to enjoy a large birthday cookie...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hasty Dinner

On the return journey Sunday night, we met up with The Stumbling Brother and a Stumbling Friend from my school days. Had a delicious BBQ dinner, but our meeting was much too quick. I had to leave at 5:30am the next morning, so I had to rush away after dinner. I hope we can get together again soon.

Background is The Stumbling Brother, The Stumbler, and The Stumbling Friend. In front is The Stumbling Nephew, and if you look closely I think that is Young Stumbler #4's hand...

Beach Trip

We went to visit Young Stumbler #1 at the beach this weekend. Above you can see The Stumbler's feet getting freezing cold in the water.

Here is YS#4 playing in the sand:

And a few views from the condo where we stayed:

Sunday we went over to visit YS#1's new apartment. I also delivered an old bulletin board from my office, and installed it over her desk.

This is her kitchen:

Here we are enjoying some hot tea:

She asked me to take of my shoes in her home. I felt like I was back in Korea again:

A good time was had by all. I was very happy to see YS#1 again, and am glad she is well situated in her new place.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The Stumbling Daughter participated in a "lame beauty pageant" (her words, not mine). Apparently each organization at school nominates one girl to be in the pageant. While I was so busy trying to take a decent photo (which I clearly failed), I didn't get a very good look at her walking and posing on the stage. All I can say is (a) that she didn't Stumble, and (b) didn't seem to be awkward like a few of the girls. However, I will agree with her assessment that it was pretty lame.

Here is my lunch from this weekend. Hot dogs slit down the middle, filled with cheese. Banana slit down the middle, filled with peanut butter. Do you see a theme?


When visiting a service provider's warehouse last week, the owner mentioned that he had a custom chopper that put the "American Chopper" guys to shame. Turns out his chopper is a camper that sleeps four!!!

Chinese fast food from "China Taste" - Garlic Shrimp:


Here are some photos with The Stumbling Kids during my USA trip. Stumbling Daughter #1, being off a medical school, is not included. We'll visit her this weekend.

Not to neglect food photos, here is a delicious dinner I ate - steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and lima beans.

Now, on this trip to the USA so far, I have driven up through the Smokey Mountains to Ashville, North Carolina. Then onto Greensboro, back to Ashville, then down to The Stumbling Parents on the North/South Carolina border. Finally back to Alabama after stopping for a meeting in Atlanta. I met many friends and family, business associates, and saw beautiful sights. My camera was with me at all times, and I have ZERO photos to show for it. I must do better in the future.