Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coffee Shop Konglish

I have often complained about the many restaurants here that have excellent menus for breakfast (be they Korean or Western fare), but they don't open for breakfast. Hold that thought...

In my office building, there is the smallest store I have ever seen (they are a florist). It looks like it was added as an after-thought, perhaps converting a storage closet into a store. It was just amazing that the owner could operate her store from this tiny space. Well, a few weeks ago, there was a buzz of activity at the flower shop. Construction supplies and a work crew were there for several days, feverishly sprucing up the interior. "Improving the interior of a storage closet", I would chuckle to myself whenever I walked by. Well, then the dust settled, I couldn't belive what they had done. They split the store into TWO STORES!!!!

So now we have two extra-tiny stores, the original florist, and a new coffee/sandwich shop. I just shake my head when I see this place. It's just amazing how they can squeeze two shops in this small space.

Ok, back to my first point... one day I arrived at the office about 7am, and noticed that this new shop was open, and selling breakfast sandwiches. I was shocked - I have NEVER seen a breakfast shop open for breakfast before here in Korea. Alas, that morning, I had already eaten breakfast at home. And since then, the owner has been closed for summer vacation. Eventually I will try their breakfast, and give a report.
On to the Konglish portion of this post. The new interior remodeling included the obligatory "let's display some English words, and maybe they will make sentences, and further they might actually have meaning". I just couldn't resist taking a photo:

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm not sure this descripion would entice me to buy their coffee...