Sunday, May 22, 2005


Sunday at Disney World was Young Stumbler #4 Birthday. I will first show a couple photos from a small family party we had back in Huntsville earlier in the week. Please notice the nice Barney the Dinosaur that Mrs. Stumbler made for Emily.

Emily Turns Five - Happy Birthday Posted by Hello

Nemo Present - Bathtub Toy Posted by Hello

One special present for Emily was a Minnie Mouse dress that Mrs. Stumbler made. When she woke up Sunday morning, we gave her the dress to wear in the Magic Kingdom all day. She was very happy and excited. Enjoy these photos from our Sunday at Magic Kingdom.

Minnie Mouse (Emily) Begins the Day at Magic Kingdom Posted by Hello

The Spinning Teacups Posted by Hello

Merry-Go-Round Posted by Hello

Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster Posted by Hello

Splash Mountain (I just missed them in this photo) Posted by Hello

Splash Mountain (after the big waterfall) Posted by Hello

The Stumbling Kids on Alladin's Magic Carpet Ride Posted by Hello

Emily Eating Special Birthday Dessert (Service) Posted by Hello

Emily Compares Dresses with Minnie Mouse Posted by Hello

End of Small World Ride (for my Korean friends, see the top sign) Posted by Hello

Crowds, Balloons, and Cinderella's Castle Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Disney World - EPCOT Day

I am trying to catch on some back blog postings. I had intended to update directly from Disney World, but my wireless connection was too slow for uploading photos. So I am doing it slowly this week in my free time. WARNING: This post contains lots of photos.

Okay, Friday morning we woke up about 4:00am, but didn't leave until almost 6am. Finally on the road, we drove all day to Disney World, about 650 miles (about 1050 km for my Korean friends). Here is a picture from a short break we took at a rest stop along the way (featuring Mrs. Stumbler).

On The Road to Florida - Rest Stop Posted by Hello

We finally arrived in the early evening, fortunately there was still some sunlight. Here is our campsite, where we lived for the week.

Our Camping Site for the Week Posted by Hello

Saturday began with an all day visit to EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow). At the entrance to EPCOT is the focus point of the park, the huge "ball". It is actually called "Spaceship Earth", and there is a ride which goes up inside this ball. The rest of the photos speak for themselves, so enjoy. I should update the blog with new photos of additional days of our trip over the weekend.

Day One of Disney Fun at EPCOT Begins at the "Big Ball" Posted by Hello

Upside Down Waterfall !!! Posted by Hello

Snow White as Shrubbery (I think she is missing eyes and mouth) Posted by Hello

Emily Meets Goofy Posted by Hello

The Whole Stumbling Family Meets Mickey Mouse Posted by Hello

The Stumbling Girls with Chip & Dale Posted by Hello

Pooh Bush Posted by Hello

Emily Hugs Belle from Beauty and the Beast Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005


It has been a busy two weeks since I came home. I have been getting back to my American job and spending all my free time working on the camper. But two special highlights this week, my oldest and youngest daughters graduated from High School and Pre-School.

Young Stumbler #1 Graduates Posted by Hello

Young Stumbler #4 Graduates Posted by Hello

Tomorrow we leave for vacation in Disney World!