Thursday, October 19, 2006

Campus Life

Arrived home and immediately began 2 weeks of whilrwind working. Finally finished up and headed to the Gulf of Mexico for vacation. On the way, we visited YS#1 at her college. But first, here is my feeble attempt at artistry, the full moon photographed while picking up YS#2 from his part time job at McDonalds:

Full Moon Between the Golden Arches Posted by Picasa

We arrived at YS#4 dormitory room. It is decorated with posters that The Stumbler used to have on MY dormitory room wall maybe 25 years ago! The recycled posters include Chicago and the Fab Four Beatles portraits.

Stumbler and YS#1 and #4 Posted by Picasa

Recycled Dorm Room Posters Posted by Picasa

Walking Around Campus Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Lawns... Posted by Picasa

Fountains... Posted by Picasa

Her campus is across the street from my High School, and I used to study at this library with my friends. Furthermore, this building's namesake's son was instrumental in getting me started in my ultimate career. So I had to take a photo.

Nice Architecture Posted by Picasa

Post Office Boxes, Brings Back Memories Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back to USA

I returned this week to America. Here is one last photo from Korea. Walking through the airport to my gate, I ran across this restaurant. Nothing special at first glance,

Just Another Restaurant??? Posted by Picasa

...then suddenly their special caught my attention. Turkey ice cream??? With fresh goat's milk???

TURKEY ICE CREAM - WOW Posted by Picasa

Maybe next time I'll give it a try. Not.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Short Ribs

Another food post, but with some cartoons thrown in. My friend JI and I went to one of our favorite restaurants this week. They serve a Korean dish which my Korean food website calls "Short Rib Stew". The Korean name is Galbi-jjim. It is remarkably similar to American Pot Roast in the taste. This particular place offers three varieties, normal, spicy, and very spicy (we normally order just the spicy one).

Short Rib Stew (Think Spicy Pot Roast) Posted by Picasa

After dinner, we went to one of the nearby bars we frequent. That night, we learned one of the bar tenders was a budding artist. Here are some of her "action" figures:

Don't Eat Me, Please Posted by Picasa

Remind Anyone Else of a Suntan Lotion Ad? Posted by Picasa

Oh No - Not the Ice Crusher Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

Spicy Sound

We went to one more trade show today, and I captured a few interesting sights with my camera. First, the most amazing one was the Kimchi Pot Speaker system. Truly a novel use for a Kimchi Pot.

Kimch-Pot Speaker Posted by Picasa

Electric Kimchi Pot? No - Bottom View of Kimchi Pot Speaker Posted by Picasa

I've found the perfect next car. In fact, it would be perfect here in Seoul. You can avoid a lot of traffic jams if you can skim across the Han River or some of the streams. I met one of the designers of this car. He said this year they are marketing them for rescue and fire fighters, and next year they will begin marketing for recreational use. I gotta get one.

The Stumblers Next Car - A Hovercraft Posted by Picasa

I ran into a few of SY's friends at the trade show:

This Little Piggy Went to Market... Posted by Picasa

...This Little Piggy Manned the Booth at the Trade Show Posted by Picasa

Unrelated to the trade show, but I happened to remember the photos today, are the statues. Apparently there is a law in Seoul that all new buildings have an area set aside for artwork, which is typically a statue of some kind. Here you see two such statues, one for our apartment and the other at CH's home:

No Name - How About Balancing Barrels Posted by Picasa

"Tree By The Stream" Posted by Picasa

Finally, you can get an idea of how important the cell phone is to the average Korean when you see special cell phone antennas placed in the BASEMENT parking garage!

Cell Phone Coverage Even in the Basement Posted by Picasa


We had a delicious dinner of grilled eel last night. I forgot to take a photo of the first dish, which had two styles of grilled eel. This was the second dish, and we only ordered the BBQ style. While Korean foods topped with a red-colored sauce will usually set your mouth on fire, this one was not very spicy at all, it reminded me more of an American BBQ sauce. As for the eel, it really was good. It turned out to be very tender with a fish-like texture. Not at all what I was imagining from having eaten such Korean favorites from the ocean like squid and octopus.

Grilled Eel Posted by Picasa

Here's one more oddity from the trade show last week. I was too lazy to post it previously. These shelves would be great in earthquake-prone areas like Southern California. The movie demonstrates it best, but here's a screen capture. And sorry, the movie is sideways again.

Leaning Shelf Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Apple Prisoner

Fall has arrived in Seoul, and the weather is MUCH better. I actually wore a undershirt a few nights this week it was so cool. Having a typhoon pass over the country made for some refreshing breezes here in Seoul, although it caused quite some problems in the south and over in Japan.

This post features some odd things, so let's start with the "apple prisoner" liquor bottle. I saw this on display at the bar where SY worked - it was not for sale, just decoration. So far, I have gathered two popular theories about how they got this apple inside the bottle. Theory #1 is that they tie the bottles to the apple tree when the apple is small enough to fit through the neck of the bottle, and the apple grows to full size inside the bottle on the tree. Theory #2 is that a dehydrated apple is squeezed through the neck of the bottle and as it absorbs the alcohol, it swells back to full size.

The Apple Prisoner Posted by Picasa

While on the topic of bottles, here is an interesting bottle with a cavity for putting ice. I guess the theory is that the drink will stay cool without being diluted by the ice. However, I can report that it did not work very well, and I ended up putting some ice in my glass. But it sure is pretty.

Strawberry Soju Cocktail Posted by Picasa

Here are some interesting side dishes that went well with soju cocktail

Shrimp Wrapped in Potato Strings Posted by Picasa

Fresh Salmon Side Dish Posted by Picasa

This week we attended a couple of trade shows featuring some new Korean products. A few products caught my attention and warrant a mention here on the Stumbling Blog. To begin with we have the Korean version of a pop-up camper. It apparently sleeps two, although I don't know how comfortable it would be sleeping on your roof.

Korean Version of a "Pop-Up Camper" Posted by Picasa

Korean Pop-Up Another View Posted by Picasa

One interesting product was a specialized plastic bag that you put your camera in for underwater photography. I have seen large cumbersome plastic boxes before designed for a camera, but this looks easy to use and cheap enough to put underwater photography in reach of the average person. As you can see, it is hard to take a good photo in an aquarium.

My Camera is Underwater!!!! Posted by Picasa

I really liked this product. When I first saw it, it looked like some instrument of torture. The handle contains many brass spikes that poke into your hand. Reportedly this will have a health benefit, something about pressure points in the palm. But the best part was the advertising slogan: "Leader's Baton added brass massaging beads on the grip of an existing baton. It is a useful baton that can massage your hands. It is expected to be very popular among teachers, military officers, lecturers, and others who need batons".

The Leaders Baton Posted by Picasa

This is an interesting wine bottle holder, almost looks like magic. It is just a piece of wood with a hole for the bottle neck and the end is cut at the correct angle for a perfect balance.

Magic Wine Bottle Holder Posted by Picasa

Finally, I saw this game of ping pong being played on the sidewalk recently:

Street Ping Pong Posted by Picasa