Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Home

Because of a strange tax rule (having to do with VAT), I took the chance to move about 5 months before my lease expires. This was done with the owner's cooperation, because of the unusual and sudden nature of the problem. My new home is about 5 minutes walk from the office, probably only 1km from my old home. I really didn't want to leave the old building, but there weren't any suitable places available. At request of the The Stumbling Daughter #4, I've taken some photos of the new home.

This is the view upon entering through the front (and only) door. I haven't really used it, but there are some pocket doors which can close off the bedroom. Big pocket doors, in fact I don't think I've even seen any this large.

This is my recliner, which has truly been a life-saver. It doubles as a bed when I wake up at 3am with back pain so strong I can't lay down.

This is the bed room. Same bed and sheets I've had since 2004 (I've washed them once or twice...)

Desk, television, and computer / high-tech corner!

Storage closets and dining table. The two white chairs came with the apartment, as did a bunch of other unexpected furniture. I've managed to use or hide the extra, with the exception of a large sofa which I threw out (with the owner's permission).

Kitchen area. A little bigger than the last place, but not as big as my previous places. I tried to get the refrigerator man to swap the doors around, but this model is a fixed left-hander.

Here's the kitchen again, but you can see the entrance hall off to the right. The bathroom is off that hall.

That's it. Numerically, it isn't much bigger than my last place, but it really seems much larger. This is on the 11th floor, and the view is nice enough. It's not blocked by super-close buildings, like the first place in Mokdong. But it's not as spectacular as the view from the 24th floor, either!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paper Dragon

Here is my paper dragon souvenir which Tuttle brought me from Thailand.

I would agree that it "combined" fairly easily, though I might disagree that he's "loveable".