Sunday, May 01, 2005


Well, this last week was pretty busy. I spent most of my time cleaning and packing things up to bring home. I am now officially leaving Seoul, only to return for short business trips. Cleaning our office was the biggest task of all. John is very neat and well organized, but I had things scattered everywhere. I finally got the office cleaned out, and proceeded to pack my clothes, gifts, books, etc. When it was all done, I had SIX suitcases to check at the airport! I was actually worried whether or not they would let me check that many at all - excess baggage fee or not (in fact, they did and it was no problem). Also last week many of my friends had nice going away lunch or dinners with me. I savored every last bite of real Korean food for awhile.

I came home with my 6 suitcases (and a carry-on computer bag and portable DVD player bag) Thursday. It is great to be home, and I have had a very good time so far (when I am awake). This weekend I began working on my pop-up camper. We are going on a vacation later in the month, after Young Stumbler #1 graduates from High School, to Disney World. Our camper has a few problems to be fixed. First, the refridgerator doesn't work, and has to be replaced. Secondly, this time of year is quite hot in Florida, so we finally got an air conditioner for the pop-up. I started yesterday working on the refridgerator - removed the old one and making preparations to install the new one. Of course, the new one is a little bit different, and will require some wood work, some new electrical wiring, and some gas line changes. Nothing is ever easy for The Stumbler.

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I had a little excitement yesterday when working on the camper. I was in the garage, when I heard a loud crash and my neighbor crying in pain. I ran over to see what was wrong. He had been up on a ladder to a tree limb, which he was cutting off. When the limb fell to the ground, the remaining part of the limb jerked up and threw him and the ladder over 20 feet to the ground. He landed on the ladder, and he thinks he broke some ribs. He was in so much pain we had to call an ambulance to come get him and take him to the hospital. I haven't heard his prognosis yet, but I expect to learn more today. What's especially scary is that this is exactly the kind of crazy thing I can see myself doing.... I hope he recovers soon and is back on the ladder in no time.

I will post more exciting photos of pop-up repair as I progress.


Mama Stumbler said...

It's been 4 weeks since you last posted. Have you been totally absorbed by Mickey & Daffy & Goofy? Let's hear more about your travels in the US now. Have you tried your grill yet? Am enjoying the Korean utensils you gave me for my birthday.

jon said...

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