Tuesday, July 26, 2005

One Month No Posting

Besides a lack of interesting events, I have no excuse for no updates. My last week in Korea went great. My friends CH and SC took me to Daebu Island to the city of Ansan, where we ate some great shellfish dinner. It was similar to the one back in March when I went to Choon Jang Dae (춘장대). One treat at this restaurant was that the ajumma gave me one more Sansachun Poster for my collection, Kim Jung Eun (김정은). Now I am only missing one more poster, Han Ga In (한가인). The drive to Daebu Island was pretty impressive, basically a very long causeway several miles long. CH tells us that people living in this area will often rollerblade all the way out to the island and back.

SC on the Causeway to Daebu Island Posted by Picasa

Afternoon Setting Sun from Daebu Island Posted by Picasa

Shellfish Dinner (Photo #1) Posted by Picasa

Shellfish Dinner (Photo #2) Posted by Picasa

New Kim Jung Eun Sansachun Poster Posted by Picasa

Also, on this last week in Korea SY took me shopping to update my CD music collection. As I took the train to meet her at the huge Kyobo bookstore at the Gwanghwamun Station (광화문역), I couldn't help but wonder why I needed help anymore to buy music CDs. Then, when we met up and were shopping, I realized the reason - SY has a discount card at this music store, and when she buys my CDs I get a 10% discount. We met up with her boyfriend YT at a delicious Mandu restaurant in Insadong.

SY + YT at the Mandu Restaurant Insadong Posted by Picasa

We had a great evening also with WJ and his soon-to-be-bride HJ, along with her younger sister HS. As usual, we ate at HJ's favorite place, Outback, and also as usual, HJ left Outback with three carry-out orders of bread, one for each sister. Also on this night I experienced another of my famous Korean language blunders. (I won't explain it at length, but for Korean readers it involved confusion of the phrases "uni (as in University) 갔었어요" with "u;nee 가수 가슴" ).

HJ and her 아기동생 HS Posted by Picasa

I cannot omit a great evening the last week that I spent with my good friends, expecially JI and his friend JSY (my first time to meet her). We all had some great dinner, and enjoyed a fun time singing at the noraebang (노래방). JSY enjoys western oldies, so I was didn't feel out of place. Also, I surprised my Korean friends by singing not one, but TWO songs in Korean for the first time. I sang one called "My Prayer" by BoA, and another one by G.FLA which is a remake of the 1970 movie "Love Story" theme song (but in Korean). With the exception of two short sections in "My Prayer" where the lyrics are very fast, I think I did a good job. Mrs. Stumbler believes that the beer may have influenced my judgement, but I will show her just what a great singer I am in October when she visits Korea with me.

Well, with that my June Korea trip is all wrapped up. As usualy, I had a great time, enjoyed old and new foods, and old and new friends as well. I am looking forward very much to my October trip with Mrs. Stumbler and Young Stumblers #3 and #4.


Mama Stumbler said...

What is a noraebang?

Chris said...

It literally means "singing room". Think Karaoke, but in a room with just your friends. Unlike America, where the karaoke singer embarasses himself in front of the whole restaurant or bar, at noraebang you only embarass yourself in front of your friends. Well, maybe if you are very loud singer, maybe the folks in the next room will hear you, too.