Monday, August 28, 2006

New Products

Not much exciting these days. As the last week of August arrives, I had been told by my Korean friends that the weather would finally cool off. However, we were greeted with news last week that the heat will continue for another two weeks. I have made a small collection of "new products" to post over the past week or so, and Mother Stumbler has been bugging me for a new post, so here goes.

The first new product idea is based on an advertisement I saw recently near our apartment. When I first saw this photo, I thought she was using a telephone handset to scratch her nose. Then I realized it was some kind of nose cleaner, treatment device? Anyway, this got my creative juices flowing, and I came up with the cool idea of a combination telephone handset / ear cleaner. Imagine, hanging up after each phone call with freshly clean ears!

Would YOU Put This Machine in YOUR Nose? Posted by Picasa

The next new product slipped through my spam filters this week, and was so funny I have saved the email and the website link. This company sells the FLY-JUMPER product, which allows you to take steps 2 to 3 meters long and also jump 1 to 2 meters high! Besides simply being an amazing product, I was drawn to their statements about beign the only licensed company in China to make these jumping boots. With all you hear and read about product copying in China, it was interesting to read this statement from a Chinese company: "other enterprises are illegal to produce Flyjumper". Be sure to check out the photos on their website, and pay close attention to the marketing claims. I particularly liked "The girl who likes beautiful to own it, not only have pretty body, but also have the fiction of reduce weight", and was amazed to learn by using this product I can have "Benefit to your intelligence, Eliminate hemorrhoids ". And so on....

The Fly Jumper Posted by Picasa

Finally, we have the dry ice beer pitcher, a new product which I personally observed and tested this week. It arrived at the table looking like something from a science fiction movie. At first I thought the dry ice was actually in the beer, but after studying the thing for awhile, I believe the side of the pitcher is hollow, and is filled with dry ice and some water before being served to the table. Note the exhaust vent on the top. For those with high speed internet connections, I have posted a short movie of the dry ice beer pitcher (it is much more exciting than the photo).

Dry Ice Beer Pitcher Posted by Picasa

Well, that's all. I'm off to the Patent Office to apply for my phone/ear cleaner patent, before someone reads this blog and beats me to the application desk.

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