Thursday, October 19, 2006

Campus Life

Arrived home and immediately began 2 weeks of whilrwind working. Finally finished up and headed to the Gulf of Mexico for vacation. On the way, we visited YS#1 at her college. But first, here is my feeble attempt at artistry, the full moon photographed while picking up YS#2 from his part time job at McDonalds:

Full Moon Between the Golden Arches Posted by Picasa

We arrived at YS#4 dormitory room. It is decorated with posters that The Stumbler used to have on MY dormitory room wall maybe 25 years ago! The recycled posters include Chicago and the Fab Four Beatles portraits.

Stumbler and YS#1 and #4 Posted by Picasa

Recycled Dorm Room Posters Posted by Picasa

Walking Around Campus Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Lawns... Posted by Picasa

Fountains... Posted by Picasa

Her campus is across the street from my High School, and I used to study at this library with my friends. Furthermore, this building's namesake's son was instrumental in getting me started in my ultimate career. So I had to take a photo.

Nice Architecture Posted by Picasa

Post Office Boxes, Brings Back Memories Posted by Picasa

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