Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hawaii in the Fall

I had two trips this fall to Hawaii, as usual absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and also mind-numbingly boring. Here are some of the photos, which only show the beauty and not the boredom. Doesn't this look like a bored guy?

First here some obligatory sunset photos. In the second one, if you download the full sized image and look REAL CLOSE, you can see a sailboat on the horizon.

Your blogger The Stumbler is a trained professional photographer and is able to bring you dangerous and breath-taking photos from a moving car - don't try this at home. This is the "Tunnel of Trees" as it is known in Kauai, or as I call it, "The Tree of Tunnels". (I won't scare you further by showing the MOVIE it took while driving through it).

Here is my rental car for the November trip:

And here is my rental for the December trip:

Just kidding... as usual, I drove a big bad Jeep Wrangler, which one of my Korean friends told me was just "a grown man's toy car".

I have been neglecting food photos lately, so here are a couple of foods I made myself in Hawaii. Whether it is true or not, I have convinced myself that it is cheaper to buy expensive Hawaiian groceries and cook most meals instead of eating out at expensive Hawaiian restaurants. This fall I experimented some with Salmon steaks. I found that I could buy a Salmon steak for about $5.00, and it would make two meals for me. I also figured out it tasted very good with only some very simple cooking - I grilled it in a frying pan with some butter, salt, pepper, a crushed garlic clove, and squeezed some lemon juice on it. Even a man can cook that.

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