Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Stumbler Meets As One

Through a bizarre set of circumstances last week, I was invited to a phone interview on a local radio program K-Popular hosted by the K-Pop duo As One. Shortly after that phone call, I was invited to come to the studio today for a live segment at lunch time. I was asked to present three of my favorite K-Pop songs, and explain the story behind each selection. It was really tough to choose only three songs. But I finally selected these, becuase they had the most interesting stories.

  • 채연 / Chaeyeon: "위험한 연출" / "Dangerous Presentation"
    (1) It's My Time (Aug 2003)

  • 나얼 / Naul (Browneyes): "귀로" / "The Road Back"
    Back To The Soul Flight - Remake Album (Jan 2005)

  • 마야 / Maya: "친달래꽃" / "Azaleas"
    (1) Born To Do It (Feb 2003)

  • Here is a CD I had from 2004 that they signed for me:

    After the interview, I met a couple of friends who work there at the station, then headed back to the office. But, I stopped along the way at a small place which served pork soup (되지국밥). I didn't take any photos, but found these pictures on someone's blog which is exactly what I had for lunch! (I just had to sneak something about food into the post).


    The Stumbling Mom said...

    I'm greatly impressed with your radio debut! But where can I hear your chosen songs?

    Anonymous said...