Thursday, July 29, 2010


That's the name of my new apartment building. Here are some photos of the new place. Still organizing, but I'm basically comfortable and it's liveable and cozy.


Tuttle said...

So, you're on the side facing away from TM, yes? Still, looks like a nice pad, and way bigger than mine!

What is that next to the rice cooker?

Chris said...

yes, i'm on the convex side. mathematically, you would think those rooms are a little bigger than those on the opposite, convex side. but maybe they worked that out somehow. it's not obvious at first, but the rooms are not square!

that would be my toaster oven. had it since 2004, philips brand, and it won't break. i almost was going to throw it away, but since it fits perfectly right there, decided to keep it. it is the dumbest toaster oven i have ever seen - there is just one knob - a mechanical timer. with no heat adjustments, no broil / toast settings, just "on". but hey, it works for bagels, toast, even reheating fried chicken. ymmv.

(sorry, i'm having a lazy shift-key day)

Chris said...

the clothes drying rack is a problem, which must be solved since this washing machine doesn't have the drying function like at my previous apartments. there is just no good place to store it.

i've looked at importing a 5- or 6-line retractable clothesline, but they're either too pricey or too cheap quality from what i can tell. i think the best idea is to get a few more plain clotheslines (basically vinyl covered rope from e-mart or homeplus), put up a few hooks in the ceiling, and just zig-zag the line in the ceiling when needed.

a real korean apartment has a balcony on which to dry clothes. officially my home is an office-tel.

Debbie said...

Your bed is made! I'm so impressed! I had actually been wondering about the prospect of an unmade bed in the living area. Looks like a nice cozy place.