Friday, March 11, 2011

Time Lapse

No, not a drunken black-out (what would be called a "film-cut" in Konglish). But rather, I had a sudden urge to make a time lapse movie from my apartment window. I have no idea what caused this sudden desire. Nor do I have any special technical knowledge about HOW to make a time lapse movie. Did that deter me? Not in the least.

I have a movie camera I occasionally use for work, so I brought it home and set it up on a tripod looking out the window. So far, so good. Then I searched online for time lapse photography along with the model of my movie camera. To my surrpise, I found that one of the features newly introduced when my camera came out was time lapse photography! I was in luck. I just pressed a few buttons, and off it went. I chose the 80-second mode, which means it captures one frame every 80 seconds. Normal video is at 30 frames per second, so in the 80-sec mode, 24 hours works out to be 36 seconds of video (my video is a little shorter, because I didn't let it run a full 24 hours).

Enjoy my silly movie, but don't expect to see me accepting any Academy Awards anytime soon.

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