Sunday, May 29, 2011

Read My Lips

An interesting buzz in the news this week was the proposal by lawmakers to make it illegal for performers to lip-sync, although apparently there is an exception when the performer informs the audience in advance. This of course got lots of people talking. I think I heard at least three different discussions of this topic on the radio, and that's just on the English station.

I tend to agree with the majority of the people I've heard, that is, the this is NOT an area where legislation is needed. However, if the government must legislate this for some reason, I think the law should be reversed. That is, it would be assumed that everyone IS lip-syncing, and require artists to announce when they are singing live.

For some reason, this silliness brings to mind these phrases from an old Tom Lehrer song,

Yes, now that he’s a senator,
he’s really got the chance
To give the public
A song and dance!


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