Monday, January 23, 2012

Humidity Wars

It is that season again, time to begin my battle with the dry winter air. I've never used the heating in my home; somehow it absorbs heat, too much heat, from the neighboring homes. At least this is my theory. Consider today - it minus 7 degrees Centigrade outside, yet in my home it is nearly 27 degs!

I can't complain (too much) about this, but the dryness is another matter. Here you can see the indoor humidity is 33%, where I've read 40 to 60% is ideal. On occasion I've been able to get it just above 40. Today no such luck, despite both my humidifiers running full blast:

Looks like I'll be getting a third humidifier this season, or else my nose and throat are going to become fossilized.

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Tuttle said...

Seems to me like you'll be thankful to move--hopefully to a lower floor where there is less upward heat flow.

My thermometer/hygrometer combo puts 40 to 60% humidity as the "green" level, but at this moment it sits at 75% because I have washed a load of clothes and they are hanging to dry, thus releasing moisture into the air in my apatah.

So, have you considered just being extremely fastidious about your clothing?