Friday, April 06, 2012

Misc Spring Photos

Been saving a bunch of photos, and too busy to blog them. Let's go!

The first cool thing was they had the anti-gravity demonstration going on at Technomart last week. It was pretty cool to see a whole kindergarten class come walking in on the ceiling! This is just a temporary exhibit, but if popular, it will be travelling around Seoul to various other shopping centers.

Got free tickets to the live (recorded) music program 열림음막회 at the KBS Music Hall. It was pretty fun, although I still want to see 배철수 host the 7080 Concert (another KBS music program).

I only ate ONE donut, really!

Moving day. Everything fit in two small trucks.

The Definition of XENO is the position of being in charge. In other words, Boss. I didn't know that. I guess this really is the BOSS PC Zone, then.

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