Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things Old

I recently took a stroll around the rooftop garden on the 14th floor of the Shindorim Technomart. On this day, there happened to be a display of Bonsai trees on display. Some trees were over 120 years old! Talk about a hobby requiring patience.

They also had a complimentary display of old men as well

After strolling around for awhile, I managed to score a free arial tour of the Technomart and Shindorim station area. Very interesting.

On this final pass around the complex, I saw the uniquely curved Posville building where I recently lived. And you can also see I didn't throw stones.

Location:Shindorim Technomart

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John said...

Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by Long Time Gone. Every issue of LIFE magazine is available on Google Books.

Here's the link to the first issue: