Friday, August 12, 2005

Easy Tropical Week

This week has been relaxing, except for the heat. First, here are the obligatory food photos, again meals I made with left overs from the Korean restaurant.

Korean Leftover Meal #1 Posted by Picasa

Korean Leftover Meal #2 Posted by Picasa

Usually, on every trip to Hawaii I get one or two "aloha" shirts, the bright flowery shirts popular here in Hawaii. These days, Mrs. Stumbler has been telling me "No more Aloha shirts, PLEASE". Yesterday, I walked by my closet, and I saw them all in a row - wow. Maybe she is right....

My Aloha Shirts Posted by Picasa

Finally here is my favorite car to drive around the island:

My Hawaiian Jeep Posted by Picasa

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Mama Stumbler said...

Personally I like the Aloha shirts. But Mrs. Stumbler might have a point there. Perhaps you should keep them in the suitcase all ready for your next trip to Hawaii.

CBS News just old me bloggers were passe. It's Vlogging now. Get a large map for you wall, a small video camera, and go for it! I'm thinking of trying it.