Monday, August 29, 2005

Left The Nest

Last week we delivered Young Stumbler #1 to university. I forgot to take some good photos, and am waiting on her to send me some. I will edit this post as soon as she send them.

Update: photos have arrived. Below you will see her dorm room. I want to point out something about the posters on the wall. If you look at the back of the room, you will see some Beatles posters of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Also, a photo of an old building, which comes from a Chicago album. These posters used to be on the Stumbler's dormitory wall, when I was a young lad back in college! Now my daughter has claimed them for her wall.

YS#1 Dormitory Room Posted by Picasa

Here is YS#1 and her roomate the first week of classes. They look cheerful and full of energy. I promise to post another photo at the end of the semester for comparison.

YS#1 (Right) and Her Roomate (Left) Posted by Picasa

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