Friday, November 04, 2005

Billygoat Burrito

Another food post. My Hawaiian colleagues J and B prepared some delicious meals this week. First was "Billygoat Burrito". For my Korean friends, one dictionary says it is 숫염소, another dictionary says 수염소. Here is a photo of a Billygoat, (which I borrowed from this fellow blogger).

Billygoat Posted by Picasa

After a few processing steps (not shown), you get a burrito:

Billygoat Burrito Posted by Picasa

The second meal was a "clambake". This is a big pot with some vegatables and seasoning, into which several kinds of seafood is put to boil. This recipe has clams ( 대합 조개 ), mussels ( 홍합 ), scallops ( 가리비? 조개관자? ), and shrimp ( 새우 ).

Clambake Posted by Picasa

We had some 고추장 (red pepper paste) which went great with the seafood, although I missed the 고추장 which I ate with shellfish in Korea. That was also a red pepper paste, but it had a sweet taste to it. Instead of "sweet and sour", think of "sweet and spicy". I think today I will get some takeout from the Korean restaurant here on this island, and eat it tonight with some spicy vegetables. Aloha ( 알로하 ).

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