Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Billygoat - Correction

After my post last week on Billygoat Burritos, my colleague J was quick to point out to me "we don't have that kind of billygoat here in Hawaii". He has provided me with a photograph of a real Hawaiian Billy Goat, this one proudly displayed by his nephew:

Billy Goat Hawaiian Style Posted by Picasa

His nephew is quite the hunter - here he is with a wild boar, which was also included in one of our dishes last week:

Hawaiian Wild Boar Posted by Picasa

All for now. Aloha.


Kurios1978 said...

Oooh, billygoat burritos! That would be interesting!

You do travel interesting places!

Joe in Korea said...

Those are the same kind of boars that we hunt (I used to, my dad and brother still do) on the third weekend in January every year.

The guys who go the weekend before us every year use spears. Those guys are crazy.