Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Trip Over - OOPS

Well, everything was coming together for a great wrap up of my trip. I was scheduled to leave Tuesday (Valentine Day). Some of my friends chose to entertain me "one last time". On Friday night I met JI and SY for a delicious dinner of Galbi JJim (갈비찜), something similar to American pot-roast, but a little more spicy. Afterwards, we met CH and his wife HS, at the Makia Bar to hear the live Jazz band perform. They have added a vocalist, and everyone had a great time.

CH's Lovely Wife, HS, Modeling Hand-Made Hat Posted by Picasa

Live Jazz Band with new Vocalist Posted by Picasa

Saturday night, JI and his colleague DY took me to eat a new pork dish. I can't tell for sure what it was, it has been translated to me as both pork "buttocks" and "jowls". Those aren't even close on the pig. Anyway, it was great, as is often the case with new Korean food I try. After that, they took me to place featuring live rock bands. (In America I would call it a night club).

Rock Band with Woman Playing Peavey Bass Posted by Picasa

Second Rock Band Posted by Picasa

The events of Sunday afternoon will be a separate post in a few days. Let's pick up when SY, WB (my PD friend), and I stopped at the store for just one loaf of bread. SY wanted a receipt from the store, so she wouldn't have to pay the parking fee. While shopping, we encountered a large display of Valentine chocolates. I decided to buy some for my Stumbling Girls and Mrs. Stumbler. One of the boxes came with a free sample package of three miniature chocolate bars. We all three ate one. Just after I took my first bite, I saw some brownish-red gunk on the inside of the wrapper that didn't look like it belonged (this should have been a huge warning to me, but I just ignored it since the chocolate tasted okay).

We came home, and SY was going to cook a large meal for me. I told her I felt a little full, so she just made some soup and vegetables. I couldn't finish my soup, because by that time I was feeling a bit sick. She left after cleaning up, and my nightmare began. Without going into too much detail, I estimate I lost about 3 gallons (11 liters) fluid in 6 hours time, not including throwing up. I have been dehydrated for about 2 days, and slept almost full-time Monday and Tuesday. As a result, I had to change my return flight. Alas, the next available seat (as of today) was 21 Feb! Only today (Wednesday) have I been able to eat anything close to normal food, and I still feel quite weak. But, I can tell I'm on the upswing and getting better.

This story would have been MUCH better if could claim getting sick from raw octopus or bad kimchi, but a Hershey's bar? I'm pretty confident that it was the chocolate, because of the gunk on the wrapper, and also because SY got sick, too (but not nearly as bad as me). For some reason, WB had no problems. Well, I'd better go drink more water, and call the airline again to see if a sooner date is available.

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