Monday, April 17, 2006

To the Zoo

Between my Desert and next Hawaii trip, we drove down to visit YS#1 at college, and we all went to the zoo. Then, we took her to a delicious dinner, which was reportedly much better than the cafeteria food at her school. Sorry, no photos of the foods - what was I thinking? Anyway, here are some exciting shots from the Birmingham Zoo.

But the first photo needs some explanation. Mrs. Stumbler reported recently that YS#4 came running inside, and said that there was a ship going down our street. Since YS#4 often tells some tall tales, she was not believed. But, sure enough, our neighbor really did bring a ship and park it on our street! YS#4 was telling the truth.

"Mom, There is a Ship on our Street" Posted by Picasa

Now the zoo photos:

That's the Stumbler's Style Posted by Picasa

New Stumbling Career? Posted by Picasa

Long Skinny Neck... Posted by Picasa

Long Fat Neck. Posted by Picasa

The Stumbling Girls at the Zoo Posted by Picasa

I don't know What we were looking at Posted by Picasa

Young Stumblers #1 and #4 Posted by Picasa

Young Stumblers #1 and #3 Posted by Picasa

And, speaking of animals, we have two new pets at the Stumbling House:

New Family Pets - Stumbling Guinea Pigs Posted by Picasa

Just Babies, Very Small Posted by Picasa

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