Monday, March 27, 2006


Well, the Stumbler has been on the road quite a bit this year. After Hawaii, I headed for the western desert in Nevada. I expected hot, dusty, but for most of my time here we had SNOW!!!! It was crazy, one night we had about 4 inches! Also incredible, the desert is SO dry, usually by noon the following day, the snow had melted and been sucked into the ground. There was no evidence that it had snowed at all, and the dirt was, well, "dirt dry". I wish I had some good snow photos, but I was not allowed to bring my camera to work, and I was dead tired every day due some unusual working hours. As I write this, I am still here, but will be leaving tomorrow. I plan to take a few more photos on the drive to Las Vegas, and will post them in a few days.

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A note about those boots - I have had them since my Dad bought them for me in High School (I can't pin down the year, but say around 1977 or so). First thing to note is that I obviously don't hike much, because they haven't fallen apart. Second thing is that they still fit me! Even though The Stumbler has grown considerably in size since High School, apparently my feet have retained their 1978-size. Looks like a cleaning is overdue...


Mama Stumbler said...

The boots are probably older than 1977. I think it was the year we hiked the Appalachain Trail. I've still got mine from then too. It's hard to kill good boots!

Jeff said...

Off topic, but I'm an engineer from Huntsville and just worked in Korea for a year with DoD. I was curious if you are a defense contractor. Got any advice for me for looking working in Korea? I may leave civil service for the contractor side. Sorry, did not see an email for ya.

Chris said...


Please email me at with your email address.