Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogger's Block

I have been having "bloggers block" for a couple months with no posts. This post will try to break the block, but mostly just features photos (no stories). The past couple months have been spent back and forth between Korea and Hawaii. I'm just going to lump all the Korean photos in this post, and put the Hawaii photos the next post.

To begin with, SY has quit her daytime job, and now only has a very part time job 2 nights per week. She has been theatening to take a long holiday to some tropical beach in Asia - I hope she does.

SY at New Job (Check Out that Gold Vest) Posted by Picasa

Here are a couple of my friends, enjoying some of the best Nachos we have found in Seoul.

Eating Nachos with some Friends Posted by Picasa

I suffered a sore throat for a couple weeks, something I caught in Hawaii. But, after it healed, I was finally able to schedule an evening with my friends to include singing.

CH at the Singing Room Posted by Picasa

The Stumbler Tries to Sing Korean Songs Posted by Picasa

WJ+HJ are Thrilled to Hear The Stumbler Singing Posted by Picasa

This visit to Korea included the frenzy leading up to and beginning the World Cup tournament in Germany. (I am waiting for someone to send me some good photo of me wearing that special shirt). I am glad to have been in Seoul cheering for the game that Korea won (against Togo), it was a very exciting night. The subsequent games that I missed because of my Hawaii travel perhaps would not have been so fun (they included a tie against France and a loss against Switzerland).

JI and Stumbler Cheering Korea (pre-World Cup match) Posted by Picasa

SY Made The Stumbler this Football Cheering Shirt Posted by Picasa

I have always wanted to try King Crab in Korea, so we finally did it:

King Crab in Korea Posted by Picasa

Flaming Fish Dish (It was Very Delicious) Posted by Picasa

Here's one for Mother Stumber's benefit:

The Stumbler's New Hippo Friend (sorry Mother Stumbler, it was not for sale) Posted by Picasa

My last night in Korea this trip included my favorite pork dinner:

Yummmmmmm.... (before) Posted by Picasa

Yummmmmmm.... (after) Posted by Picasa

SY and HM Posted by Picasa

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Mama Stumbler said...

Oh, that IS a beautiful Hippo! It would go so well with the pink (and somewhat smaller) one that Ellen gave me Christmas.

Love, Mama Stumbler