Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hawaii x 3

This post summarizes three short visits to Hawaii. While Hawaii is so nice and beautiful, after so many visits it loses some of its excitement. A bunch of misc. photos follow:

First, the chicken update. The previous chicks posted have grown to be teenagers. We still see them sometimes, they come by for the food S is feeding to the new babies. The teenager chickens are perfect size for soup I think...

New Generation of Chicks Posted by Picasa

Some beautiful scenery:

Hawaiian View from my Condo Posted by Picasa

Not a Beach, Just Rocks Posted by Picasa

Moonset over the Ocean Posted by Picasa

Through an unusual set of circumstance, I accidentally ran into my favorite Korean pop singer Chae Yeon in Hawaii at the airport. I'll have to tell the story when I get around to updating my "K-Pop Series" of posts.

Accidental Meeting of Chaeyeon in Hawaii Posted by Picasa

Bought a watermelon for work the other day. But driving up the mountain I was worried it would be all bruised if I put it in the trunk of the jeep. So, instead, I belted it in the passenger seat, where it remained very secure.

Watermelon Transport Posted by Picasa

The Stumbling Jeep Posted by Picasa

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Mama Stumbler said...

Moonset over the ocean is Glorious!!! I love it!

But that teenage chicken would do better as a fryer. Soup will make tough old birds tast good, but tender young ones can just be fried or broiled. Do you get fried chicken in Korea? (I mean outside the Colonel?)