Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Here's another Konglish alert. At the gym, I always get a chuckle when I go to the locker room or bathroom, which are clearly labeled as "LOCKER MAN" and "TOILET MAN". I keep thinking these are super-heros, maybe friends with Superman and Batman. I snuck this photo of TOILET-MAN with my cell phone, and I tried to catch another funny Konglish sign without success. I worried that the staff and guests might not want folks taking photos in the gym - I know I would be embarassed to have my exercisign photo published on someone's blog. But I figure Konglish signs are fair game...

My biggest worry is that I'll stumble off the treadmill feeling a little light headed and instead of visiting TOILET-MAN I'll accidentally walk into LOCKER-WOMAN which is just around the corner. Exercise update - I'm up to 1 hour per session on the running machine (that's treadmill for my American friends), but actually each visit to the gym I get 1 hour 20 minutes of walking, because it is a 10 minute walk each way from my apartment. I was going almost every day until last week, when some work has kept me going late each night. I've been off for about 5 days now - I must get back to the routine.

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