Sunday, October 26, 2008

Red Ginseng

These are the Red Ginseng "pills" that I recently began taking. I was feeling completely drained of energy for about a week, and my Korean friends told me I needed to take some Red Ginseng.

There are many ways to get Red Ginseng here in Korea. You can get an extract, tea, candies, and I even say Red Ginseng alcohol. However, I don't like the taste of Red Ginseng, so I chose these "pills". Look like BB's from a child's toy gun. I'm supposed to eat 5 balls, three times a day. But I'm intentionally overdosing myself. Since I'm much larger than the average Korean, I'm eating them 4 times per day.


Mom2J&I said...

Hi Chris, I am Kevin Moore's wife, Jyl (Greg's friend). I was looking at an old post from our blog and saw your comment. I don't recall seeing it before so I just wanted to say Hi

The Stumbling Mom said...

They look the size of the end of my thumb. HUGE!!! Drink tea! Much more delicious.