Sunday, November 02, 2008

Coins Changed to Cash...

...NOT. I don't like coins. In Korea and in the USA, I empty my pockets into a box or container at the end of each day. In the USA, I used to get Young Stumbler #3 to sort, count and roll the coins, for which I would give her 10% of the total. In Korea, in the past I gave them to CH, who would take them to a special bank branch that had a automatic coin counting machine. In Korea, as best I can figure, they don't take the coins if you roll them yourself, nor do they take mixed coins at the bank.

Well, as you can see, I've been saving for quite a while this time (and I've finally found a good use for those empty sour cream buckets from Costco). CH and I had to go to a meeting on Friday, and he wanted to show me how to use the machine. We drove to this special bank on the way to our meeting, parked about a block away, and lugged these two heavy buckets of coins to the bank. When we got to the machine, it was turned off! We saw a sign that said this machine is only available on Tue, Wed, and Thu!!!! CH asked the teller why the machine was off. She said that the machine broke down too often when it was used 5 days a week, so they restrict it to three days per week! I dare anyone to try that with their boss!

So, I'm still the proud owner of two large buckets of coins. I'm guessing its about $250 - in the past 1 smaller bucket was about $90 worth. Maybe mid-week we'll try again.

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