Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Trip

CH and I took a day trip to the city of Daejeon on Monday to attend a seminar. We took the KTX bullet train (pictured above) which took about 50 minutes. The ride was just as comfortable as the Japanese Shinkansen which I've ridden many times. The train runs normally at 300 km/hr, or 185 mph for my American friends. That's really fast!

Arrived at the South Daejeon Station:

Then to the seminar which was held at the convention center.

After the seminar, they offered a full dinner buffet spread for all the participants. Here we all after dinner, and I was steaking strawberries from CH's plate:

We departed from the main Daejeon train station

taking the regular Korail train which took 1 hour 40 minutes, but was not actually too much longer since the station in Seoul was quite a bit closer to our office.

It was tiring, but fun.

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