Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scandinavian Man?

Had dinner last night with some friends, and I was asked the most unusual question twice, by two separate people, in different situations. One was a taxi driver, and the other was a retired cellist. The taxi driver asked me if I was a Swedish man. The cellist asked if I was from Norway, or another Scandinavian country! No one has ever asked me that before, certainly not twice in one night.

I also received an interesting voice mail on my USA cell phone. It was a nice performance of "Let It Be" by some piano player/singer, apparently in a night club. I listened through the whole song, trying to identify some voices in the crowd. After the song ended, there was applause, and a second song began. I gave up after that - I have no idea how long the message was, nor who sent it. This might be someone joking with me, or it could be an example of what I've heard called "butt dialing".


allison said...

aren't scandinavians blonde and pale skinned? weird.

Deborah said...

Interesting visual. Would that be an (Irish) leprechaun?