Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dreams Again

This summer I had a possible client with a possible project here in Korea. The work continued to be delayed and delayed, and the final form of the project in the end was just unworkable. I sent a very polite letter declining the project, and never heard anything from them (this was about 3 or 4 weeks ago). Yesterday, over lunch, I just happened to mention to my colleague CH, "I wonder what happened with that company? I wonder why they didn't even reply or confirm my letter?"

Well, last night I had a dream. I was in a large hotel ball room, where dinner was being served. Over in one corner, there was a group of people from this very company conducting a training class! I went over to talk to them, and then my dream ended and I woke up.

This morning, after my breakfast, my cell phone rang with a strange number. I answered, and it was someone from this very same company, asking if I was possibly interested in a different project!

Just too weird. Don't know if this project will pan out or not, there are very few and sketchy details right now, but who knows...

HAND UPDATE: As of Saturday, I could really tell it was healing well. My strength was slowly returning, and I could almost make a complete fist without any pain. However, Sunday I had a couple days setback. I went shopping at Costco, and no matter how careful I was to only use my left hand, I think I hurt it some lifting the shopping "box". Also Saturday and Sunday evening I installed an auxiliary audio power amplifier for Trevor on their terrace. I was so careful, made other people do any lifting or wire pulling. But just once or twice, I slipped up and ended up holding the entire power amplifier in my right hand. Just now, Tuesday morning, I feel almost back to the point I was Saturday before I over-exerted it.

ELBOW UPDATE: The swelling is getting smaller each day, although I think slower than the doctor had suggested. It is still quite warm to the touch, however. It has gone from the painful stage to the numb/itchy stage. But if it doesn't improve remarkably in the next couple days I'll go back.

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