Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dull Week - Only Working

This week pretty boring, no good reports. Today SY and I went shopping again, and I finally got a good photo of her new ATOZ car.

Hyundai ATOZ Car (outside it looks small, but inside is very roomy) Posted by Hello

ATOZ Rear View Posted by Hello

We had originally scheduled to go shopping at 1pm, but this morning at 8am I awoke groggily to the sound of my hand phone. I ignored the call, and then again at 9am another phone call. Finally I stumbled out of bed about 9:15, when I received another phone call. I answered this call, and it was SY telling me we should go shopping "early time". Last week it was pretty crowded, so I agreed. Oh, today I noticed that the entire 2nd floor of the parking garage was for "ladies only"! Anyway, the shopping today was pretty quick, since I had a good supply still from last week's trip. The morning shopping time was not crowded, but there is one drawback when compared to the afternoon shopping - the dancing girls (more about them later) were not on duty yet!

Here are a couple of unusual scenes from the store. I include photo of the Butane gas bottles because Brother Stumbler is doing some research for me to locate a supply in America. The fish I think is dried, and SY said it is delicious (but we didn't buy any).

Cans of Butane for Portable Stove - About 50 Cents per Can (Package of Four is $2) Posted by Hello

Fish Anyone? Posted by Hello

While cooking lunch, we heard the unmistakable sounds of a store grand opening. I should explain that there is some tradition in Korea when a store opens they have flowers, balloons, free cake for the customers, and of course, Dancing Girls! Actually, the Korean word for this job translates as "helpers", but dancing girls is more apt description. With a very powerful sound system, audible for blocks away, they blast away with peppy speeches. I only assume they are talking about the store, and welcoming customers to come visit. This is interspersed with bouts of attention-grabbing up-beat music and dancing. So, since I missed the "helpers" at the shopping trip (they sometimes are in the stores, too, promoting some products), and lunch was still cooking, I went downstairs to see what store was opening.

Jeju Store Grand Opening Posted by Hello

It turns out that this store is in my building, and I have already shopped there. It is a specialty store which sells only items from Jeju Island - this translates to "very expensive". It has been open for about 2 weeks - I guess today is just the "official" grand opening. So, since I photographed their helpers for my blog, I decided to purchase an orange ($4.00/each!!!) and received some free rice cake. I like rice cake in soups and spicy foods, but I don't like it sweet - so I gave the cake to SY.

The only other news to report is that I finally got the air conditioner (called aircon here in Korea) remote control. Yes, it sounds funny, but the aircon only has an on/off button. To make temperature adjustments, you need the remote. When we moved in back in November, the management refused to give out the remote controls, since the residents might loose them??? (that was the official line). Anyway, they finally passed them out, along with a fire extinguisher. Our remote control and extinguisher were given to our apartment owner, who is also living in this building one floor up. So today SY and I went up to their home and picked up the equipment - I had been afraid to go myself because we cannot communicate. I must say that this aircon is VERY strong. This week, before the remote control, it was getting a little warm one afternoon. I fired up the aircon, which was set at 22 deg C (71 deg F). In only about 10 minutes time, I was freezing cold.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Posted by Hello

Oh, and the fire extinguisher came with maintenance instructions - every month you have to pick it up and turn it over a few times, shaking it up. I've never heard of that before. Oh well, that's the highlight of my otherwise dull week. Next week wrapping up my work and I have one side trip to Japan. Then I will be packing up for home. I am very much looking forward to coming home, especially since we have a 2 week vacation scheduled to Florida and Disney World.


Mama Stumbler said...

Those fish looks as if they are in a chain gang, all linked together to make escape very difficult..

jon said...

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