Monday, April 04, 2005

Seoul Surprises

I finished my vacation and had a great time at home last week. Just as Mrs. Stumbler predicted, my jet lag was almost finished when it was time to return to Korea! Flight back to Korea was good, I sat next to a pilot who had some interesting stories. Read books, slept, ate, and saw a Korean movie 파송송 계란탁, which roughly translates as "Cut up the Leeks and Break the Eggs". I arrived at Incheon to face one of the longest lines at immigration that I have ever seen. It seems to be completely random - I almost always arrive about the same time in the afternoon, about 4:30pm. But sometimes I can walk through with no line, and sometimes it is a large line like yesterday.

I had just gotten in the door here and unpacked when SY calls, and as usual asks "Where are you? What are you doing?" We arrange to have dinner with her, YT and HS. When I went down to meet them, I had my first surprise of the night. SY has sold her motor scooter and bought a small car! It was too dark for a photo, but I will post one as soon as I get one. We went to eat some Gaburisal (가브리살), which is a type of pork dish. As we sat down to eat, I had my second surprise of the night - they whipped out a birthday cake for me!

ANOTHER Birthday?!?! Posted by Hello

After dinner I put away my groceries. SY told me that the Orange Juice was a new brand, and was VERY DELICIOUS, and made by Coca Cola company. When I unpacked it, it was Minute Maid, something we have had in America for years. I guess they just introduced this to Korea? Also, without any communication from Mrs. Stumber, SY decided on her own that I needed low fat milk! So now I have some 1% milk, which is what I drink at home. Well today I get settled back into Korean life and get working. Wednesday I take another side trip for a day or two for work. Now the Stumbler shall eat breakfast...

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