Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Small Party, Marimba Duet

At my favorite Jazz bar, the owner lady (I have to call her "Nuna" or "Nunim", because she is my elder) has been trying to schedule a Korean dinner for me since I came back from vacation, as a belated birthday celebration. We finally agreed on Sunday night, and met at one of the local Samgyopsal places (see previous posts about rock cooking here and here). So Sunday night, I arrive first, and am shortly joined by one bartender (JH), one waiter (SI), and the manager (HJ). We ordered food, and waited for Nunim to arrive. She kept calling and saying she was delayed, and finally told us she could not come at all. Instead, her co-owner, a nice man (also my elder, whom I should call "Hyeongnim") arrived in her place. Whenever I saw the man owner at the bar, he seemed very quiet and serious. But over dinner, he turned out to be very nice and funny man. I learned he didn't drink or smoke, which I thought a bit strange for a Korean bar owner. But I guess he doesn't drink or smoke away the profits. Also his daughter is a television comedian!

Manager (Gripping a Bite of Pork) and Owner Posted by Hello

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The only interesting happening so far this week was lunchtime today. I walked down to a nearby shopping mall / train station, and ate some fusion food - Bulgogi Lasagna. After lunch, I stumbled on this pair of musicians entertaining on their Marimbas. I stopped to listen for awhile. Had they been playing Latin American music, I probably would have stayed longer. But they were playing some slow songs, the hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and the old standby song "Moon River". They played very well, but it was putting me to sleep after that lasagna lunch, so I went on my way.

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Mama Stumbler said...

I have search the internet and can't find a recipe for Bulgogi Lasagna, though the recipes for Bulgogi look delicious and we're going to try it tomorrow! How do you make the Bulgogi Lasagna?