Friday, December 02, 2005

K-Pop, The Series, Part 4!

Last week, I was in Seoul again. I had heard that my favorite singer Chaeyeon was going to have a comeback special sometime this Fall. To my surprise, it was scheduled during my visit, so of course I had to attend. SY and her long-time friend from middle school, YM, took me, and helped with the translations. First, we attended the show, seeing Chaeyeon and many other singers and groups. I have written before about the young girls in the audience who go crazy screaming, and this visit was no exception. In fact, just in front of us were two enthusiastic girls who kept screaming so loud I thought for sure the ushers were going to ask them to leave.

So, after the performances were over, we went outside and were told to wait for a few minutes. We were standing at the entrance to a small store that is inside the studio. As we waited, one of the singers from the group Sugar (슈가), Sugin (수진), came into ths store. When she saw me, she stopped suddenly, bowed to me several times very deeply, and said "hello". It was not a casual "hello", and after she went on SY and YM both asked me, "Does she know you?". Stange...

We were then told to follow my friend to meet Chaeyeon. SY had taught me two sentences in Korean to say to her. "Do you remember me?" (from meeting her last year), and also "I am your Number 1 American fan". We arrived in the waiting area, and I was introduced to her. I managed to stumble over the sentences I had been taught, and it appeared that she did recognize me. I brought along a copy of her Japanese CD, which she made long before she became a singer in Korea. She was very surprised I had this, and asked SY about it. She autographed the Japanese CD, and also autographed and gave me a copy of her new 3rd CD. After some photos, we said goodbye and headed home.

Chaeyeon and The Stumbler at 3rd Album Comeback Special Posted by Picasa

Autographed Copy of Her Japanese CD Posted by Picasa

Autographed Copy of 3rd CD Posted by Picasa

On the way home, SY told me what Chaeyeon told her. Not only did she recognize me from last year, she said during her performance on the stage, she saw me out in the audience and remembered me! I know I stand out, but even from way out in the audience? I really need to work on my exercise and diet...

I thought K-Pop story #3 was the last in the series, and suddenly I have #4. Is this finally the end of the series?

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