Friday, September 22, 2006


We had a delicious dinner of grilled eel last night. I forgot to take a photo of the first dish, which had two styles of grilled eel. This was the second dish, and we only ordered the BBQ style. While Korean foods topped with a red-colored sauce will usually set your mouth on fire, this one was not very spicy at all, it reminded me more of an American BBQ sauce. As for the eel, it really was good. It turned out to be very tender with a fish-like texture. Not at all what I was imagining from having eaten such Korean favorites from the ocean like squid and octopus.

Grilled Eel Posted by Picasa

Here's one more oddity from the trade show last week. I was too lazy to post it previously. These shelves would be great in earthquake-prone areas like Southern California. The movie demonstrates it best, but here's a screen capture. And sorry, the movie is sideways again.

Leaning Shelf Posted by Picasa

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