Friday, September 22, 2006

Spicy Sound

We went to one more trade show today, and I captured a few interesting sights with my camera. First, the most amazing one was the Kimchi Pot Speaker system. Truly a novel use for a Kimchi Pot.

Kimch-Pot Speaker Posted by Picasa

Electric Kimchi Pot? No - Bottom View of Kimchi Pot Speaker Posted by Picasa

I've found the perfect next car. In fact, it would be perfect here in Seoul. You can avoid a lot of traffic jams if you can skim across the Han River or some of the streams. I met one of the designers of this car. He said this year they are marketing them for rescue and fire fighters, and next year they will begin marketing for recreational use. I gotta get one.

The Stumblers Next Car - A Hovercraft Posted by Picasa

I ran into a few of SY's friends at the trade show:

This Little Piggy Went to Market... Posted by Picasa

...This Little Piggy Manned the Booth at the Trade Show Posted by Picasa

Unrelated to the trade show, but I happened to remember the photos today, are the statues. Apparently there is a law in Seoul that all new buildings have an area set aside for artwork, which is typically a statue of some kind. Here you see two such statues, one for our apartment and the other at CH's home:

No Name - How About Balancing Barrels Posted by Picasa

"Tree By The Stream" Posted by Picasa

Finally, you can get an idea of how important the cell phone is to the average Korean when you see special cell phone antennas placed in the BASEMENT parking garage!

Cell Phone Coverage Even in the Basement Posted by Picasa

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