Sunday, September 24, 2006

Short Ribs

Another food post, but with some cartoons thrown in. My friend JI and I went to one of our favorite restaurants this week. They serve a Korean dish which my Korean food website calls "Short Rib Stew". The Korean name is Galbi-jjim. It is remarkably similar to American Pot Roast in the taste. This particular place offers three varieties, normal, spicy, and very spicy (we normally order just the spicy one).

Short Rib Stew (Think Spicy Pot Roast) Posted by Picasa

After dinner, we went to one of the nearby bars we frequent. That night, we learned one of the bar tenders was a budding artist. Here are some of her "action" figures:

Don't Eat Me, Please Posted by Picasa

Remind Anyone Else of a Suntan Lotion Ad? Posted by Picasa

Oh No - Not the Ice Crusher Posted by Picasa

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