Thursday, December 27, 2007

Korean Bedding

Korean bedding is a little different from that in America. The sheets are thick and textured, no blanket, and the bedspread is thick and quilt-like. Also, my bed is quite firm. Softer beds may be available, and I KNOW that harder beds are available. I have been sleeping like this all my time here in Korea since Nov 2004. I have been reasonably happy with this, and I think the firm matress helps my back.

Well, I recently made two small changes to my bedding. First, I got a Korean electric blanket. Unlike in America, where the electric blanket goes OVER you, in Korea they are placed UNDER you like a matress pad. My plan with this was to not use the built-in floor heating. However, I've had it almost a week now and it has only been cold enough to use it one night!

But the biggest change I did almost as an afterthought. When we bought this bedding, the bedspread came with a plain white quilt-like insert to be used in the winter. As the bedspread itself is so thick, I don't remember ever using this insert. Well, the other day I decided to try it out. It was quite an ordeal - I had to turn the bedspread inside-out, and the quilt-like insert was tied in place using short strings provided. The big challenge was to then turn it back outside-in. Once I wrestled it back to normal, it was an amazingly heavy thing. When I sleep now, I am reminded of the lead aprons you wear when having an X-ray taken! I can't explain it, but I really enjoy the weight of this heavy bedspread on my as I sleep.

Here's a glimpse of the inner quilt:

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