Saturday, March 12, 2005

Extra Firm

My business colleague, John, and I moved here back in November. Because of our travel schedule, I ended up being here alone during the first few days of moving in to the officetel. As such, my duties included shopping for two beds. We had three ladies we hired to help us select furniture, and two of them accompanied me that day to shop for beds. I had a hard time figuring out what style mattress to chose, and finally after an overseas phone call on my handphone to John, we settled on a reasonably firm style for our beds. While I sipped some green tea that the salesman had given us, there proceeded perhaps 15 minutes of loud back and forth discussions between him and the ladies. To my ear, this did not seem like a friendly conversation, and I learned later it had something to do with the price, although I could tell other things were being discussed. About halfway through the exchange, I fully expected some poking or slapping to commence. Then, just as abrubtly as it had started, they finished up the conversation and the deal was struck.

I'll have mine extra firm, please. Posted by Hello

One the way out of the bed section of the store, I saw this "rock" bed (see photo). My mattress barely tips the firmness scales when compared to this beauty! But by this time, I had already paid for the two "normal" beds, so I decided not to change. I was told that these "rock" beds have built-in heating sytems, which I suppose would be nice. However, in my officetel, I can get almost this level of firmness by sleeping on the wooden (and heated) floor. But I admit, rock is most certainly harder than wood. I guess the only bed more firmer than this would be made from diamonds. I will never complain about a matress being too firm again.

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