Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Belly Ache

Well, I've done it again - somehow I've ended up with another stomach ache. I believe it was something I ate on Saturday night. I was bored, so I headed out to the area where the new apartment will be, and went to a movie theater which was recently constructed. Even though it is usually hard to get tickets on a Saturday night, I had three things going for me. First, I was alone - I figured there might be an odd seat available. Secondly, this was a new theater and perhaps not as many people have discovered it yet. Also, I was flexible in which movie I wanted to see. There were two American movies I was interested in, "I Am Legend" with Will Smith and "National Treasure II" with Nicholas Cage. I got there, purchased a ticket, and within minutes I was seated in a theater which was about 1/3 empty to watch "National Treasure II". My plan worked. Conclusion, the movie was very good, but I think not quite as good as the first one. Not exactly a spoiler, but let me say the story very definitely left open the possibility we'll be seeing a "National Treasure III" in the next couple of years.

Next I went to have some chicken at KFC, but they were just closing. Across the hall their competitor McD's was still open, so I reluctantly ate a hamburger. Afterwards I went to Trevor's bar in the snow, to find there was only one guest. We sat and watched Hockey for a few hours and ate a hot dog. Even after watching some games for three hours, and having lots of rules explained to me, I still don't quite get this game. I told Trevor I found it very boring to watch, but perhaps it would be more interesting in person. He tells me, it is just colder to see in person.

After visiting Beer O'Clock, I was hungry again and found myself at a new place called "It's Miller Time". This is a brand new place only opened a couple months ago. I've been there a few times with my friends, and have also used this place as a "waiting spot" while waiting on my buddies to arrive. I ordered a plate of sausages and onion rings, and met the owner of the shop for the first time. She is a former airline stewardess of 15 years, and speaks English perfectly. I found out that she gives me and a few other foreigner customers a 10% discount, simply because we are foreigners! Wow, that's a first! At least she isn't giving me the Senior Citizen Discount like in Hawaii!

Well, the next day my stomach was killing me. It could have been the McD's burger, or the sausage, I don't know. I'm pretty sure it was not the hot dog, since Trevor told me he didn't have any stomach pains the next day. Anyway, I've been either sleeping or lying on the sofa watching TV for 3 days straight. Finally on New Years Day I felt brave enough to try eating again. I made some chicken with rice soup. Over the past 24 hours I've eaten more and more, and now (Wednesday AM) I'm almost back to normal.

Well, since I haven't been out much, I don't have any good photos to share. Instead I stole two from the internet showing the New Years celebration here in Seoul and in New York City. We drop the electric light ball at Times Square in America, here in Korea they ring a huge bell 33 times to usher in the new year. I kind of like the bell, especially the log / clapper. But this year the Times Square electric ball has been completely re-designed, and is kind of cool, too. I got to enjoy both celebrations on TV, lying on my sofa clutching my stomach...

While I was laid up with a belly ache, The Stumbling Family was enjoying New Years celebrations with our friends in Sunny Florida! I received a report that the first day in Florida they grilled burgers, went boating, and soaked in the hot tub! Reportely the second day of their visit (New Year's Eve party) they were going to be enjoying grilled oysters, crab cakes, chicken, and swimming. I'm jealous.

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