Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fish Shoes Anyone?

Working at the factory has a few dietary challenges. For lunch, everyone eats in the cafeteria. Precisely at the lunch bell, all the factory ladies proceed with haste to eat lunch. And they are fast - even though they have 1 hour for lunch, most of them wolf it down in less that 20 minutes. The menu was very plain Korean foods, and not so great. After 7 or 8 days eating it, I was more than ready for a change. Dinner was even worse. They came through the factory handing out Gimbab. We passed on the gimbab, and went down to the convenience store to eat dinner. After a week of eating sandwiches or ramen, I'll be happy to never eat a meal at the convenience store again in this year. While eating at the counter (provided for this purpose), I happened to look up and see a fish tied to the wall!

CH explained that this is for good luck. Maybe similar to hanging a horse shoe over the door in the states.

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