Friday, March 14, 2008

Taxi Theory

I wish to put forth my new Taxi Theory I've been developing (maybe it is a hypothesis?)...

"As The Stumbler approaches the street to take a taxi, one (usually more) empty taxis will cruise by. When The Stumbler arrives at the street, there won't be another taxi for 5 or 10 minutes".

Since I am only one person, I cannot say if this applies to other people or not. Certainly not to anyone walking 100 meters in front of The Stumbler...

[photo shamelessly stolen from Yonhap News website]

Speaking of Taxis, I noticed a problem in the last few weeks. I can't say if it is something all across Seoul, or only because I've moved to a new area. There seems to be a general lack of taxis. Furthermore, I seem to encounter a large number of taxis that (a) won't stop to pick me up, or (b) stop, but refuse to take me to my destination. Before, I've rarely encountered these situations. But these days it is happening with alarming frequency. What's up???

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