Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Team

Here are some photos of our production "team" from last week. They're big on "teams" here in Korea, and I had to chuckle softly to myself when the ladies referred to our small group as "the team".

The giant man on the right in the next photo is The Stumbler. I admit I'm bigger than the average Korean, but I don't normally look so out of proportion. Our "team" members must be shorter than average.

By the way, I caused quite a stir one night with the factory management. Being tired of the dinner time food, I proposed to call out for a Pizza dinner for our "team". The manager nixed the idea, saying that the other factory ladies would be jealous and it would cause all sorts of problems and gossip. Of course, he didn't tell us this until AFTER I told our team we would be having pizza, so I had to do some back-pedaling on that one.

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