Monday, June 30, 2008

Andre Kim

On my recent trip to the USA, I was re-directed at Incheon Airport from the Business Class lounge to the First Class lounge. Apparently the Business Class lounge was overcrowded. I was relaxing in the lounge, when I decided to go visit the toilet. Well, both toilet stall doors were locked, but one fellow was unsuccessfully either trying to lock or unlock his door - there was a lot of rattling of the latch. I just waited for a minute, in case he was on his way out. Suddenly, the door opened up and there I was face-to-face with Andre Kim.

Actually, Andre Kim is a famous Korean (fashion designer) that I had heard of long before I ever came to Korea. His style / appearance is, um, unique and unmistakeable. At first I thought I was looking at an astronaut! Anyway, later in the lounge I saw him departing, and noticed that he doesn't carry his own luggage, either. He has an assistant carry it for him. But then again, if I live to be 73 years old, maybe I'll NEED an assistant to carry my bags.

Now I can claim that I've used the same toilet bowl as a world-reknown fashion designer...

(photo shamelessly stolen from YeinJee's Asian Journal)

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