Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hammer Food

A new restaurant "stall" opened up in the food court downstairs in our office building. It sells Chinese-style food. They had an item on display in the glass case where you choose your meal, identified as "Hammer Food". Actually, instead of the word "Food", they used the Korean word Tang-soo-yook, which is basically sweet and sour pork with vegetables. I was curious why it was called Hammer food, and CH couldn't understand, either.

Now, being from the USA, I can use a knife, fork and spoon. Having travelled around Asia and having lived in Seoul, I can also use wooden, plastic and stainless steel chopsticks. I have even tried eating Indian food with my hands in Singapore. But I have NEVER eaten with a hammer!

Turns out there was a fried tortilla "cone" covering the dish, and you are supposed to crack it open with the wooden hammer. Interesting gimmick. But it was delicious. And now I can add hammer to my eating utensil repetoire.


Anonymous said...

Wow !!!!!!!!
great, dude.
Are you Chae Yeon fan ?
or Lee Hyori ?
i want to visit Korea someday ,and learn how to use chopsticks !!!!

The Stumbling Mom said...

Wow !!!!!
I'm going to have to get more utensils. I'd never considered hammers eating implements!