Monday, June 16, 2008

Kitty Kountries

I have now accumulated 26 different countries in my Hello Kitty "country national flowers" collection. According to Wikipedia, there can be up to 193 different countries in the world, depending on your definition of "country". But should I get all those magnets, I'll need a few more refrigerators!

My count of 26 doesn't include the 35 or so duplicates. When I buy my diet cokes in the morning, the man at the store has taken to giving me a big fat handful of the magnets at one time. Today I hit the jackpot, getting 5 new countries and only 1 duplicate!


Anonymous said...

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YaYa said...

Do you have numbers 24 and 30? Maybe we can trade. I live in Daejeon. Please send me an email at Sorry, I'm obsessed with these hello kitty magnets. kekeke.