Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Homemade Burrito

I had a chance to eat at Dos Tacos last night, and tonight I was still in the mood for more Mexican food. So I decided to try to make a burrito. I should point out that this was facilitated by the recent change-over of our local Homever shopping mart to the new Home Plus mart (Home Plus having bought all the Homever stores). This is good because, in my experience, Home Plus has a larger selection of products. Including beans!!!!

Those are Chili Beans with spices from Home Plus on the right, and on the left a can of seasoned tomatoes that I found in an import store last month. I also had some diced pork meat in the freezer, left over from a Korean soup that I made. Mix them all together and you get an acceptable burrito sauce:

Let me confess here that I have no idea what really should go into a burrito sauce. But this came out pretty good.

Next you need rice (available in every Korean home), tortilla (available at Costco), shredded cheese (commonly available as "pizza cheese" in most stores)

Finally put on the sauce, cheese, and roll up the burrito (I sprinkled a little hot sauce over the top before rolling).

You can see my tortilla tore a little bit. Probably because I over-stuffed it. I ended up eating it with a fork. But by overstuffing, I was so full I could only eat one. Not bad for a meal with no advance planning at all. It was only missing sour cream and salsa sauce, neither of which I had. But still I'll give it an Stumbling A minus.

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Deborah said...

Looks like you are doing a good job concocting American (Tex-Mex?) food from Korean sources these days. Reminds me of Qudoba fare.

Stumbling Wife